Florida Highway Patrol Officer Sentenced to 364 Days in Jail

Florida Highway Patrol Officer Paul C. Lawrence was sentenced to 364 days in jail today. As you may remember, Trooper Paul C. Lawrence was arrested for fraudulently writing hundreds (maybe thousands) of fake traffic tickets to motorists in South Florida. Trooper Paul C. Lawrence was bold enough to write traffic tickets to motorists he had never even pulled over, some of whom were even not in the Country when the citations were written.

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In this case, it appears that Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Paul C. Lawrence will face the punishment of 364 days in the county jail for his actions. Lawrence was originally charged by the Office of the State Attorney with multiple felony counts. However, as part of the plea agreement, all the felony charges were reduced to misdemeanors.

It appears to me that this story reveals two things for sure. First, it could not be clearer that South Florida law enforcement does in fact have a “quota” system. South Florida Law Enforcement has long denied that any form of quota system is used. However, there appears to be no other incentive for the actions of Trooper Lawrence other than allowing himself to maintain his quota by falsifying traffic tickets.

Second, this case shows that Law Enforcement does indeed receive special treatment when charged with crimes. The prosecutors in this case had more than enough evidence in this case for a solid felony conviction. Yet, they again showed that justice is not served equally in Dade County criminal courtrooms. The prosecution agreed to drop all of the felony counts against Lawrence simply to avoid making him a “convicted felon.”

After writing this blog I have been contacted by several individuals who were placed under arrest for driving on a suspended license. After investigation it appears as though these individuals’ licenses were suspended after failing to respond to citations that may have been fraudulently created by Trooper Lawrence. Their stories were horrible. Innocent people placed under arrest in front of their family and children for a crime fabricated by this Trooper.

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