Fort Lauderdale Judge Frees UBS Client on $12 Million Bond

ubs.jpg A Florida judge on Wednesday ordered the release on a $12 million bond of an accountant charged with tax evasion in the first prosecution of wealthy U.S. clients of Swiss bank UBS. Steven Michael Rubinstein, who worked for a company in the yacht-building business, was arrested and charged last week with filing a false tax return by failing to disclose the account he controlled at UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank.

U.S. authorities have said there will be other tax evasion prosecutions against American clients of UBS as they wage a legal battle with the Swiss bank to try to force it to give up the names of tens of thousands of Americans suspected of cheating the U.S. government by concealing accounts abroad.

Tax evasion is not considered a crime in Switzerland.

Should this legal battle result in a victory for the United States Government, expect a wave of criminal prosecutions for tax evasion amoung America’s wealthiest.

The Government is now actively seeking incriminating evidence in order to charge American’s with the crime of tax evasion. If the Government’s recent dealings with UBS concern you, please call attorney Richard Ansara.

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