Proposed Florida Law to Require Interlock Devices for First DUI in Broward

A breath alcohol ignition interlock device, also known as a BAIID, IID, or ignition interlock device is a device that is mounted on the dashboard of a car near the steering wheel.  It requires a driver to blow into a sample collection tube, and it will register the user’s blood alcohol content (BAC) as measured in grams of ethanol per 100 milliliters of blood.  Ethanol is the type of alcohol that is approved for human consumption in beverages.

Broward DUI Defense If the BAC does not read 0.00 or within the tolerance limit closet to 0.00, the car will not start.  Depending on the system, it will likely alert the company that monitors the BAIID, and this in turn will notify the defendant’s probation officer. This will likely result in a major problem for the defendant.Under current Florida law, BAIIDs are required for second DUI offense convictions, but not for first offenders.  According to a recent news article from WUFT News, Florida state representative Cord Byrd has proposed a new bill that would require first time DUI offenders to have an ignition interlock device in their vehicles.While this may not sound like a huge deal, as our Broward DUI defense lawyers can explain, it is a lot more inconvenient than one might think. The first is that a defendant would be required to use one for at least six months. Even if you are not driving, it must be installed on your vehicle. One problem is that while the state of Florida may require one, they certainly aren’t going to foot the bill, and it will end up costing you hundreds of dollars to have the thing installed and up to $100 per month to have it monitored.

Aside from the cost, it is simply embarrassing to have a BAIID in your car.  Nobody wants a boss, coworker, family member, or a first date to see them having to blow in to a breath testing tube to start the car.  You also must blow into it at random times while driving or the engine will not restart from a stop.

Whether or not they make this new bill a law, the best way to prevent needing one on your car is to fight your DUI charge with the help of an experienced DUI defense lawyer.  Many people are offered a quick plea deal that seems easy at the time, but it may be setting yourself up for failure down the road in terms of costs, fees, ignition interlock devices, safe driving courses, victim impact panels, and any number of other requirements associated with pleaded to a DUI charge.

This is not to say a plea is never a good deal, and you should discuss this with your DUI defense lawyer, but you want to make sure that your lawyer has the experience, training, and willingness to take these cases to trial when that is in your best interest. It is essential to remember that just because you have been arrested for drunk driving doesn’t mean you will be convicted of drunk driving.

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