Actor Michael Douglas’s Son is Sent to Prison for 5 Years for Dealing Drugs

story_michael_douglas_courthouse_jpg.jpgMichael Douglas’s son was sentenced to five (5) years in United States Federal Prison for “distributing large quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine”

Cameron Douglas, 31, pleaded with U.S. District Judge Richard Berman for a break in his sentence. Both his father, Michael Douglas, as well as his mother, Diandra Luker, appeared at his sentencing. Those who were present stated that his mother, Luker, broke down in tears. His father, Michael Douglas, fought back tears but was obviously overwhelmed with emotion.

Douglas was arrested at a Manhattan nightclub in July of 2009. At his sentencing he begged with the Judge for a lighter and more reasonable sentence. He stated, “I believe, your honor, things will be different this time,” he added. If given a second chance, he said, “I will never squander that opportunity.”

Although the Judge received numerous letters from many celebrities begging for leniency for Douglas, U.S. District Judge Richard Berman appeared determined to issue the 5 year sentence.

The Judge appeared unmoved by many of the celebrity letters. In fact, he stated that many of the letters implied that Douglas should not be made an example of just because he is the son of famed actor Michael Douglas. The Judge went on to state that, “None acknowledged appropriately the numerous impacts to victims of society for dealing drugs.”

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