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This past election season was a contentious one and emotions were high. No matter who won, it was bound to rile some. While the U.S. Constitution extends a fair amount of latitude to private citizens who use their First Amendment freedom of expression to voice disdain for leadership, there is a line that can be crossed that could result in criminal charges.computerkeyboard

That’s what a Broward County man recently discovered when he was arrested by federal authorities for making threats against then-President-Elect Donald Trump.

The Sun-Sentinel reports the 59-year-old suspect, who lives in Pembroke Pines, is alleged to have made threats to either harm or kill Trump. He was arrested at his home after local law enforcement authorities notified the U.S. Secret Service, who have the duty of protecting Trump. Continue reading

Parenting is no easy feat, as any caregiver can attest. However, anytime one assumes the responsibility of caring for a child, failure to provide certain basic services and protection can result in criminal charges – namely, child neglect.stroller1

Unlike child abuse, which involves actively inflicting physical or mental injury on a minor, child neglect in Florida involves a failure or omission to provide children with basic care, supervision and services necessary to maintain the child’s physical and mental health.

Per F.S. 827.03(e), that could mean failure to provide food, nutrition, clothing, shelter, supervision, medicine and medical services that a child would need or that a reasonable person would consider essential for that child’s well-being. It could also mean failure to take reasonable steps to protect a child against abuse, neglect or exploitation. Continue reading

The evolution of technology in recent years is somewhat astonishing. The fact that we all walk around with what amounts to a personal computer and can instantly connect to anyone in almost any corner of the globe is a testament to that.iphone

But don’t think for a second that police haven’t tapped into that potential as well.

Prime example: Recently the Sun-Sentinel reported on a case in which Broward County Sheriff’s Office detectives were able to electronically track a stolen phone to a man and woman who were later arrested for theft.

The pair allegedly stalked the victim as he walked out of a Pompano Beach casino, followed him to a nearby store and robbed him at gun point of his winnings, his wallet, electronics, his backpack – and his iPhone – in the parking lot. In cash alone, the pair reportedly took $11,740. Continue reading

It appears as though the Hollywood City Commission has made some tough decisions at the commission meeting today. Thirteen Hollywood Police Officers have been terminated as well as imposing a ten percent pay cut for all other remaining officers. Additionally, it appears as though the City Commission cut their own salaries by ten percent. Needless to say, the budget cuts come after the City Commission learned that it faced a $10 million dollar budget shortfall rather than the anticipated $8.5 million shortfall.

It has been alleged by the Police and Firefighter Unions that the City Commission has engaged in unlawful negotiations by failing to provide any documentation showing a “financial urgency.”
According to Stephanie Szeto, a Hollywood resident and Police Officer; “we don’t have enough police officers and its getting to be a dangerous city.”

There are many dangers associated with reducing any police force. The obvious danger is that crime may rise due to less police presence. Additionally, without the proper amount of police officers, it is reasonable to conclude that criminal investigations may suffer due to lack of resources. This is especially troubling in cases where a proper investigation would have lead investigators to find evidence of innocence rather than guilt.
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jaildeputies.jpg Three Broward County Jail Deputies were placed under arrest after an investigation relating to contraband and sex. These Deputies are now facing third degree felonies punishable by up to five years in Florida State Prison.
Salisia Pascoe, 29; Kiara Monet Walker, 21, and Roderick Lorenzo Lopez, 29 – appeared in Broward Magistrate’s Court on Thursday evening. Judge John “Jay” Hurley read statements from the arrest affidavit which included allegations that Pascoe had sex with an inmate in a jail storage room. Pascoe is charged with two counts of using a two way device to facilitate a felony, one count of sexual misconduct, and one count of introduction of contraband into a detention facility.
Walker is charged with one count of using a two way communication device to commit a felony, one count of official misconduct, and one count of introduction of contraband into a detention facility. Lopez faces one count of introduction of contraband and official misconduct. All of the Deputies were released from the Broward County Jail on Thursday night. Mike Jachles of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office made it very clear that “There is an ongoing investigation and we are not revealing any information”

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The budget crisis has had a crippling effect on Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti’s ability to run the Broward jails. Sheriff Al Lamberti’s solution initially was to close down one of the wings at the Paul Rein Detention Facility in Pompano. Sheriff Al Lamberti has canceled the closure plan. This plan was projected to have shaved $5 million from the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s roughly $425 million general budget.
The unions representing the Broward Sheriff’s Office jail workers have been clashing with Sheriff Lamberti for pay increases. During an arbitration, the ruling seems to clearly take Lamberti’s side saying that the unions are fighting for better pay “during the worst economic climate in more than a half century.”
The Broward jails are clearly struggling from overcrowding. In fact, the County is under the watchful eye of the federal government. Should the County overcrowd the jails they may be fined $1000.00 per day according to Lamberti.

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53031032.jpgDeputy Frank McCurrie, was an employee of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for approximately one year before he was fired. According to Sheriff Al Lamberti, “Franklyn McCurrie’s employment with the Broward Sheriff’s Office has been terminated for failure to meet probationary standards.”

On January 23, 2010, McCurrie’s patrol car struck a Honda Civic and killed a passenger, Northeast High School freshman Cara Dyan Catlin, at North Dixie Highway and Northeast 56th Street in Oakland Park. According to an affidavit, Deputy McCurrie was responding to a call for back up from another deputy at a traffic stop.

Traffic homicide detectives later calculated that at the time of the crash, McCurrie was driving 89 mph, almost 50 mph over the posted speed limit.
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