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Is it possible for your vehicle to be a deadly weapon? Although it might seem a straightforward question, given the fact that a vehicle could in fact be deadly if it’s used to run another person over, the answer isn’t clear when it comes to Florida law. The state appellate courts have reached different conclusions on this front, and the Florida Supreme Court is slated to issue a ruling on one such case, meaning it could settle the issue. criminal defense lawyer

The distinction between vehicle and deadly weapon is significant because it holds the possibility of an additional 15 years to one’s prison sentence if convicted of using a deadly weapon against another person.

In 2004, justices with the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a motor vehicle isn’t something that can be commonly considered an instrument for use in combat against another individual. Based on that ruling, a South Florida appellate court last year ruled that a 30-year sentence on a manslaughter charge imposed on a Fort Myers man for repeatedly running over a woman in 2008 should be reduced to 15 years. (However, he’ll still probably serve 30 years, given that he was also given 30 years for leaving the scene of a deadly accident.)  Continue reading

A well-known South Florida sports caster was arrested for battery on an elderly person, identified as a 70-year-old man. It’s not clear whether the two are related, though defendant had been staying at the home where the elder man resides. criminal defense lawyer

The Palm Beach Post reports authorities were called to do a welfare check. Then an hour later, a woman called 911, identifying the NBA radio host and indicating he was beating an elderly man. Following his first court appearance, at which alleged victim stressed the judge he was not afraid of defendant, the court ordered a mental health evaluation before approving a pre-trial supervised release.

Although this case involves a high-profile defendant, it underscores the increasing incidence of cases filed under F.S. 784.08, assault and battery on an a person 65 or older. It also highlights the fact that not all domestic violence incidents occur between romantic partners or exes. Such crimes can result felony or misdemeanor consequences, depending on the details.  Continue reading

The 33-year-old Ohio father of a teenage girl was sentenced to two years in prison for an attack on a teen boy who had allegedly propositioned the 13-year-old girl while on a cruise ship off the coast of Florida.cruiseship

The incident occurred on an Independence of the Seas cruise ship back in the summer of 2015, where defendant and his family were vacationing. Defendant’s brother-in-law reportedly overheard the teen boy, age 14, offer his daughter a key chain in exchange for giving him her virginity. Authorities then said defendant took no action to intervene when the 31-year-old brother-in-law grabbed the boy in the library of the ship, forced him to pull down his pants and simulated a sexual act on him.

He was arrested and later convicted on charges of child abuse and false imprisonment. Despite his repeated apologies to the court and insistence that he meant no harm, the judge pointed out the man had failed to apologize to the teen boy himself.  Continue reading

An argument between two Pompano Beach roommates resulted in a violent act that left one man in critical condition with multiple stab wounds to the neck and another facing charges of attempted murder.
Police haven’t indicated what the source of the conflict was between alleged victim Mark Gougeon, 57, and alleged assailant, Brandon Wilson, 25. Both men were identified per a Broward County Sheriff’s report released to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

According to news reports of the incident, deputies responded to a call regarding a Pompano Beach stabbing on Sept. 29th. Near the 400 block of NW 10th Avenue, authorities found a man on an outside bench, suffering from a major loss of blood from his neck. The victim was reportedly still conscious and breathing, and well enough to inform investigators that Wilson, his roommate, grabbed him from behind and attempted to cut his throat.
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Millions of people flock to Florida and its surrounding waters for an escape from the daily grind. But for some, the “vacation mindset” leads to lowered inhibitions and the assumption that consequences won’t be forthcoming. cruiseship2.jpg

However, as one Ohio man learned recently, one doesn’t evade the law simply because a crime occurs on vacation.

The 30-year-old was arrested at a Florida port, shortly after the cruise ship on which he was a passenger docked. Authorities alleged he had battered and threatened a 13-year-old boy who made sexual overtures toward his niece. He was charged with child abuse, assault, battery and false imprisonment of a child.
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grady.jpg A Broward sheriff’s deputy has been charged — and has resigned from his job — after two women reported that he touched them inappropriately after traffic stops last year.

Authorities on Monday charged Charles E. Grady, 39, a deputy for nearly 12 years, with two counts of misdemeanor battery. In addition, prosecutors revealed they have already reduced or dropped charges in dozens of cases in which Grady was involved.

Grady resigned Wednesday. He had been suspended since the allegations were brought to BSO in December, the agency said.

BSO said that Grady had ”inappropriate contact” with two women. Court records state that the first incident happened on Sept. 19 and the second on Dec. 19. Both are alleged to have occurred as part of traffic stops.

Broward County DUI Deputy Charles E. Grady has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery. Let me explain what needs to occur in order for an individual to be charged with criminal battery in Florida.
Florida Statute 784.03 states that a battery occurs when a person 1) actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other; or 2) Intentionally causes bodily harm to another person.

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